Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A start.....to continue blogging

Hi .................
It has been really very long time, i penned down.

This is just a start to continue my blogging practice again.
Will try to post at least one in a week.

Planning to create a new blog, portraying my cooking skills.
Suggest  a name for it... please.............
Also planning to upload a new pic of my angel every Monday.
Which would result in a good collection to present my daughter.
What do you say ???

You might be thinking..... Why should I tell my plans, before i actual implement...??
It is because, I want my blog followers to suggest me to make this blog colorful, entertaining and lively.

Loads of love

Friday, June 10, 2011

7 pages on google search : RajiniVinay

Hi Friends,

Wanna share something with you

When you search something on google search engine, it shows ample of results on the page.
If the word is too popular then we can find ample of pages with the searched word

So, I just tried searching for RajiniVinay in google search engine, I could find 7 complete pages resulting on the screen

It feels really good to see that.
Raj is becoming popular..... he he he

For sure, I am gonna reach count 10   very soon
Someday with your support and love will reach count 100

With all your support

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do others look in you

Hi friends.

I often wonder why the hell others look only at the drawbacks of a person

For example,
  • You could have dressed up better
  • You could have managed your family better
  • You could have performed better
  • You should have thought about savings
  • You are looking old
  • Look at your tummy its growing

So, what do they really want…?????
  • Do they want to get hold of the communication, and to convey that they are better off?
  • Do they want to pull me down, why the hell they cannot see the good things i have and spread the positive energy
  • Why do they want to pull me down.

The bottom-line is “You know better rather best about you” so never get you down, just because other person want to pull you down, keep yourselves away of the negative energies around you, it will eat your brain and stop you moving forward and be successful.

Be positive and spread positive energies around.

Read this somewhere 
So thought i can share it with you

Rajini Vinay

Another Synonym for together

Don’t you think we can add Vinraj as one of the the synonyms for the word together.

What say ???

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Birthday Gift for this year 2011

Hi Friends,

Tomorrow i.e 29th May is my birthday.

May 29 Birthday Astrology

Geminis born on May 29 possess a star quality that is unrivaled by others. Their ability to sway the opinions of others is nothing short of miraculous. They possess charm, intelligence, and wit. If they lack for anything it is an introspective side. These social individuals prefer not to analyze their feelings. They gravitate toward risk and sometimes are foolhardy.

This birthday is very special for me for various personal reasons of mine
My astrology says that If I lack for anything it would be introspective side.

So I request all my friends to write few things about me which would be a precious gift on my birthday

           Please write ur opinion on these :
  • The best thing about me
  • The worst thing about me
  • Is there anything u have learn't from me ? If yes then what is it ?
  • If u want to suggest me something, what would it be ?

The best answers for all the four questions will be given a gift on behalf  of my birthday.

Isn't that interesting ???

I request you to take some time and write ur opinions about the 4 points I mentioned

Will be waiting for ur gift.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl


Pearl is a symbol of hidden beauty, purity and depths of emotion and understanding.

These qualities make it a fitting emblem of the 30th anniversary.

Mom and Dad, 
              Wish u both a very happy 30th wedding anniversary
             U mean a lot to me

I could understand the real importance of u both in my life when I gave birth to Nikki

The moral support which dad used to give me all the time, the way Mom used to help me out preparing food early in the morning by 6am. Everything is adorable.

  • Used to iron my clothes
  • Sometime he used to do head massage
  • He even polished my shoes during my schooling

All these he has done with loads of love filled in his heart.
Never in my life till now, he has pointed out about what all he did for me

He is such a loving person on the earth.

  •           You are the best mom in this world.
  •           You are the most innocent woman I have ever seen
  •           You are the best Wife one can have
 Mom you obey dad like anything. There were times when dad used to scream at u for no reason. But u always used to keep urself quiet.  

This is the best thing I have learnt from u mom.  
Have lot many things to learn from u mom.
I Always used to tease, looking at ur bloating tummy. But u never cursed me for being the reason for it.

Sometimes I feel real guilt for what all I did  unknowingly.
But now I am able to realize that parents can do anything for their children

Parents love towards their children is unconditional

Mom and Dad
Thanks(Superlative degree) for everything.

You both are the best couple on this earth.

I wish u a very happy wedding anniversary

Your loving Princess
Raja (Thats my nick name)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Working on Saturday is boring

Hi Friends,



I enjoy my work but then coming to office on Saturdays makes me go mad and  that too in time.

I had to give late arrival form for the first time today. :(

I hate working on off days, when all my friends are enjoying their weekend break and partying hard.

I just don’t get that weekday feel and don’t feel like finishing work fast.

The day looks so lazy and slow.
I wish i could chuck off the idea of working on weekends.


What do you think guys? Are you also victims of working on weekends?
How does it feel working on a Saturday?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A poem for Nee-chan

Hi Friends,

My brother has written a poem for me.
And in return requested to write a poem for him

Though I have no knowledge about poetry
tried writing it.

This  fellow is a very close friend of mine who treats me as his sister.
He is the second person for whom I have written a poem.

Need not start guessing who the first person would be ???
Whom else can i write my first poem for....... My loving husband Vinnu.
Sorry for not sharing it on this blog (Coz.. its lil personal.... :P)

Here goes it........................

A guy who turned into my friend and then to my nee-chan(brother)
Is a colleague of mine who calls me Onee cha

He looks weired and stout, who dreams to become a macho
Has become the dearest person and is the one I can bravo 

Rajini Vinay

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cute poem from my nee-chan(brother)

Hi Friends,
I would like to share a poem written by friend, who treats me like his sis

One Woman , a shoulder for her husband
One Woman gives a hand for a friend
One Woman  confident for her parents
One woman giving roots for her children
One Woman a support for her kins
One woman giving wings to fly
One Woman who makes the future giving birth
One woman whose patience is like the bearing Mother Earth
One Woman her smile lits her surrounding in light
One Woman holds the family in shape
One Woman whose words speak her heart
One Woman who knows to wipe tears
One Woman whose tears can melt any hearts
One Woman whose love keeps on spreading like virus
One Woman teaches the meaning of softness

Thanks Abhi, Thanks for the wonderful poem.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

G - Giggling

 Giggling Nikki

Avighna's bubbly way of laughing is truly adorable.

 You can call her "Little Miss Giggles".

She makes the environment  lively.

If I had to rate my daughter's giggling, I will give her 10/10. How about u ??

Monday, May 2, 2011

I survived the 2011 A-Z Blogging Challenge Award

Hi Friends,
I have just logged in to check A-Z blogging status.
I could not complete my posts due to some issues.

It really feels good to take this award from Elizabeth Mueller.

Thanks Dear

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

F - Famous

Famous Avighna

My daughter is pretty famous.

My daughter was 3 days old on my first wedding anniversary.
Many of my relatives and neighbours, dont recognize me.
Coz most of the time I am at my work place and I am not a party freak
I never attend any parties.

But now people started recognizing me as Nikki's mom.
It feels too good, when somebody recognizes me as Nikki's mother.

My daughter is pretty famous in my colony.

She keeps saying Hai and Bye to everybody(strangers too) who comes to my home.

Everybody likes her a lot.

Who ever comes home, if they don't find Nikki saying hai to them, the very first question they ask is where is Nikki ?

They are all pretty much in love with my daughter.

She deserves it a lot.
She is the wonderful piece on the earth. Very fortunate and  lucky to be Nikki's Mom. 
She is a boon given by god to me.

Keep it up Nikki

Continue the same throughout your life.
Be famous, be down-to-earth, make a mark for urself.
Keep growing....


E - Elegance

Elegant Avighna

Elegance is an attitude.

When the basics  of yourself is assimilated and the body flow is created,that is when  your attitude towards life becomes elegant. 

Elegance is not something that we can add by our self.. It is something that comes from birth and it spreads around you like a perfume. 

There is no technique to learn it, elegance comes naturally when your attitude is correct.

To talk about the elegance of Avighna, the right thing to talk about is her first birthday celebrations.

Her elegant dress
Her elegant make over
The way she carried herself was extraordinary.

The quality of grace and style in  her appearance made her look pretty elegant

It was truly an elegant party we celebrated.

Not just  on her birthday party, my princess is always elegant by her looks, her attitude, every bit of her is elegant

Rajini Vinay

Monday, April 11, 2011

D - Devotional

Devotional Avighna

Avighna  has a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others.

During my 8 month of pregnancy, I used to get sudden kicks continuously for some time.

I and Vinnu were going on the way to office,  we paused and went to "Lord Hanuman "  temple. Was praying god, to give me enough strength to keep myself healthy and strong.

Once the bells in the temple started ringing for Harathi (part of worship), my baby started kicking me in sync with the temple bell rings. It was astonishing to feel the baby kicking.

My husband is very devotional. He believes in Lord Ganesh and visits temple everyday. 

Similar to my hubby, my daughter is also born charismatic.

She claps her hand, when somebody performs pooja.

The innocent and cute looks of Avighna at temple or at the worshiping room at home inspires everybody.

She is pretty much devotional like her Dad


C - Cute

Cute Avighna

My daughter she is the cutest baby girl I have every seen.

Every action of her is cute. 

Below are few things which make me feel that she is cute
The cute moody/sad  face expression of Nikki


The way she eats her food.(Very neat..... Isn't it ???)



The way she gets feared of anything

Over excited Nikki (This is how she is all the time)


Naughty Nikki

Obedient- She is like this only when she is with some strangers(my relatives)

These are just few glimpses of my Angel.
Now tell me isn't she CUTE ???


B - Brainy

Brainy Avighna

All my friends and relatives know that Avighna doesn't look like me.

She is very much like her Dad.

But the only thing she and I have in common is.... We two are brainy.... (he he he)

My daughter is very intelligent. Grasps things so well.
Whatever u give into her hand, she starts exploring it.
She catches all my in-laws actions and mimics the same.

She is one and half  year old now, she does all the actions for rhymes like Chubby cheeks dimple chin, Rain Rain go away, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and few telugu rhymes too.

Isn't that interesting to know.

She has not yet started speaking sentences, she just talks few words like... "mama"... "papa" and so on

Recently during  the world cup match, my husband, me and Nikki were watching TV. My husband is a cricket freak and was all the time waving his hand when the batsman hits 4 runs. For sometime, she observed him and then immediately once Vinnu(my husband) started waving hand for 4, Nikki also waved....  ( It was too good to see her waving.....)


My baby has born with lot of grey matter.
She is really a brainy kiddo.

Brainy Avighna....

Keep it up


A - Adorable

Adorable Avighna

What makes Avighna adorable ??
The below pic gives u the reason .................  I am very sure that every human on this earth would agree with me.

She is delightful, lovable, and charming....
She is the cutest pie ever.

On 14th day of her birth, she gave a pretty cute smile, that was the first time she smiled at me.
Can never forget the moment....

Always used to wonder... What makes my mother feel so happy, when she finds me happy and smiling... That was the day I  could understand it.

My princess is the one who made me feel the importance of my mom in my life..

Love u Nikki (Nikki is nick name of Avighna)
Mu aaa hhhh...


For A - Z Blog fest

Was thinking all these days, what to write all about in A-Z blog fest.
At last got an idea to write about my daughter Avighna.

I am planning to describe Avighna with all the letters in English.

Keep visiting my next posts to know all about my princess.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Story begun with a flower bouquet

In the second  post of Vinraj-in-love blog, I would like to narrate how Vinraj story has begun.
How did Raj fell in love with Vinay.

After Shooting (pelli choopulu)on 9th June 2008,  my parents and his parents decided to get bonded and they were  done with all the  formal discussions.

Engagement day was approaching in a week, But i didn't hear anything from him (I was expecting him to make the first move..... :P )

On August 11th, I was almost frustrated and wanted to wait till evening for him to give me a call. If he doesn't ring up then i would be start the conversation(generally girls doesn't like to make first move, but I had no other option )

So the day started and I was counting every minute to get a call from him. It was already lunch time, lost hope and decided to call him on the way back to home at 6pm.

Stopped expecting any call from him and was busy carrying with my work post-lunch.

Suddenly phone rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he he he my office phone ), thought it was My boss, but it was the receptionist saying that I have got some parcel. I had no clue what it was :)

When i went down to see at reception, I have found a big flower bouquet on the table.

Was astonished to see somebody sending roses to me........
Was not able to guess who it could be ?????

Amidst the roses I founded a slip saying "With Love --- Vinay"

Looking at that, the  extent of surprise and happiness I was in, cannot be measured........
I didn't know how to thank him.

Thought I will also send a bouquet, but i dont have his address.
So my Jaan-jigs(my best friend, Sindoo) suggested me to reply him on phone and express my gratitude.

I messaged him, Thanks a lot Vinay gaaru, I am shocked and extremely happy to receive the flowers. Thank u very much. Thought I would convey the same through a bouuquet ], but I dont have ur address.

Vinnu replied " Ur message itself is a give an essence of beautiful roses to me. U need not send me any flowers".

So there started our telephone conversations...
Through out the working hours we used to message and then after 6 in the evening we used to have a long talk hours together on phone.

Then we slowly started liking each other.....

Got to know that he is very possessive and very caring person.
Gets hurt easily, lil sensitive too

Never used to speak a word, always used to say "inka cheppu"(tell me more)

And as u all know (chatterbox.......:P ) , all the time i used to talk, talk and talk

So here comes the day before the Engagement Aug20th .....
We have planned to meet before the engagement day.

So that was the first time I am going to meet him(Met him on shooting day too, but not worth to count ).
 I never used to get ready ............like  a girl... 
No nail-polish
No bangles
No anklets
Till then I have never been to beauty parlor.....( I know its hard to believe, but that's the reality)
I always used to wear Kurtis and jeans.

So i was not sure whether he will like me in my regular attire, so groomed myself  (To my knowledge that was the first time in my life I was looking very much like a girl and was cute....).
It almost took me 1 hour 15 minutes to get ready

Went to office in  very happy mood.
All the day I was waiting for the clock to tick 6.

And it was 30 minutes past 5, I could not resist myself and packed up and logged off the PC.
The very next minute minute I stepped out  my boss called me up on my phone and gave some work to complete... :(

By the time I completed my work, I was tired and could not make any time to  meet him.

So here comes the engagement day, It was 9:15 m then , engagement function was planned  to start at 7pm, but Vinnu and family have not yet reached the function hall.

All my friends, who lives far away left before Vinnu arrived.

At last Vinnu and his gang arrived at 9:25pm

It was a long wait, but don't know why I didn't regret to wait for him.
He was looking too good, very much like my favorite hero (Mahesh babu)
Vinnu is 6 feet tall, fair and handsome.

The event went on well

At the end of the show, we both were expecting to have dinner together, but could not make it due to some stupid reasons....

The only way we could talk was through eyes.

I still remember Vinnu's face peeping out from the car, when they were returning back to home
Missed him like anything ........

Both of us decided to meet the next day at any cost.

So the next episode is all about Vinnu proposing me with a bunch of roses and so on.......
Keep reading......


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saved a child at the cost of small injury to my knee

I am in the process of loosing my weight these days.
I was pretty happy to wear my old favorite dress back which I was not able to wear due to weight put-on

Started the day with full of enthusiasm.

Was driving my pleasure (my two wheeler) to office with a peaceful and a happy mind.

On the way to my office, there is a school  and the road is steep down.

As usual I passed the school at a very low speed.
And then I geared up my vehicle and drove at regular speed.

After certain distance, a small child suddenly rushed to the middle of the road to pick her paper-rocket.

I somehow managed it too well (I know Self-praise is no praise... but sometimes we need to :P) and stopped my vehicle all of a sudden.

And in fraction of seconds my vehicle was on my leg.
The girl was safe but my white paijama turned to black

My footwear, my favorite sandals were out of order.

Few guys rushed in and helped me out in lifting my vehicle.

And then immediately started back to office with bare legs to avoid scoldings from my boss.

I was feeling really very proud about it.

I was poised and was elevated for what I did.

After reaching office, my thoughts about the incident were :

First  : I  saved a life .... (if some lorry or Some other vehicle was there instead of my scooty .. what would happen to that small cute girl??? )

Second ... I am very  lucky .. that I didn't get injured !!  I  handled the vehicle well in that slopy area .. it just fell to side .. instead of toppling .. or throwing me upside down!!!

Third .. I have got a new pair of footwear !!! I will remember this and keep on telling every one this story