Wednesday, April 13, 2011

F - Famous

Famous Avighna

My daughter is pretty famous.

My daughter was 3 days old on my first wedding anniversary.
Many of my relatives and neighbours, dont recognize me.
Coz most of the time I am at my work place and I am not a party freak
I never attend any parties.

But now people started recognizing me as Nikki's mom.
It feels too good, when somebody recognizes me as Nikki's mother.

My daughter is pretty famous in my colony.

She keeps saying Hai and Bye to everybody(strangers too) who comes to my home.

Everybody likes her a lot.

Who ever comes home, if they don't find Nikki saying hai to them, the very first question they ask is where is Nikki ?

They are all pretty much in love with my daughter.

She deserves it a lot.
She is the wonderful piece on the earth. Very fortunate and  lucky to be Nikki's Mom. 
She is a boon given by god to me.

Keep it up Nikki

Continue the same throughout your life.
Be famous, be down-to-earth, make a mark for urself.
Keep growing....


E - Elegance

Elegant Avighna

Elegance is an attitude.

When the basics  of yourself is assimilated and the body flow is created,that is when  your attitude towards life becomes elegant. 

Elegance is not something that we can add by our self.. It is something that comes from birth and it spreads around you like a perfume. 

There is no technique to learn it, elegance comes naturally when your attitude is correct.

To talk about the elegance of Avighna, the right thing to talk about is her first birthday celebrations.

Her elegant dress
Her elegant make over
The way she carried herself was extraordinary.

The quality of grace and style in  her appearance made her look pretty elegant

It was truly an elegant party we celebrated.

Not just  on her birthday party, my princess is always elegant by her looks, her attitude, every bit of her is elegant

Rajini Vinay

Monday, April 11, 2011

D - Devotional

Devotional Avighna

Avighna  has a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others.

During my 8 month of pregnancy, I used to get sudden kicks continuously for some time.

I and Vinnu were going on the way to office,  we paused and went to "Lord Hanuman "  temple. Was praying god, to give me enough strength to keep myself healthy and strong.

Once the bells in the temple started ringing for Harathi (part of worship), my baby started kicking me in sync with the temple bell rings. It was astonishing to feel the baby kicking.

My husband is very devotional. He believes in Lord Ganesh and visits temple everyday. 

Similar to my hubby, my daughter is also born charismatic.

She claps her hand, when somebody performs pooja.

The innocent and cute looks of Avighna at temple or at the worshiping room at home inspires everybody.

She is pretty much devotional like her Dad


C - Cute

Cute Avighna

My daughter she is the cutest baby girl I have every seen.

Every action of her is cute. 

Below are few things which make me feel that she is cute
The cute moody/sad  face expression of Nikki


The way she eats her food.(Very neat..... Isn't it ???)



The way she gets feared of anything

Over excited Nikki (This is how she is all the time)


Naughty Nikki

Obedient- She is like this only when she is with some strangers(my relatives)

These are just few glimpses of my Angel.
Now tell me isn't she CUTE ???


B - Brainy

Brainy Avighna

All my friends and relatives know that Avighna doesn't look like me.

She is very much like her Dad.

But the only thing she and I have in common is.... We two are brainy.... (he he he)

My daughter is very intelligent. Grasps things so well.
Whatever u give into her hand, she starts exploring it.
She catches all my in-laws actions and mimics the same.

She is one and half  year old now, she does all the actions for rhymes like Chubby cheeks dimple chin, Rain Rain go away, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and few telugu rhymes too.

Isn't that interesting to know.

She has not yet started speaking sentences, she just talks few words like... "mama"... "papa" and so on

Recently during  the world cup match, my husband, me and Nikki were watching TV. My husband is a cricket freak and was all the time waving his hand when the batsman hits 4 runs. For sometime, she observed him and then immediately once Vinnu(my husband) started waving hand for 4, Nikki also waved....  ( It was too good to see her waving.....)


My baby has born with lot of grey matter.
She is really a brainy kiddo.

Brainy Avighna....

Keep it up


A - Adorable

Adorable Avighna

What makes Avighna adorable ??
The below pic gives u the reason .................  I am very sure that every human on this earth would agree with me.

She is delightful, lovable, and charming....
She is the cutest pie ever.

On 14th day of her birth, she gave a pretty cute smile, that was the first time she smiled at me.
Can never forget the moment....

Always used to wonder... What makes my mother feel so happy, when she finds me happy and smiling... That was the day I  could understand it.

My princess is the one who made me feel the importance of my mom in my life..

Love u Nikki (Nikki is nick name of Avighna)
Mu aaa hhhh...


For A - Z Blog fest

Was thinking all these days, what to write all about in A-Z blog fest.
At last got an idea to write about my daughter Avighna.

I am planning to describe Avighna with all the letters in English.

Keep visiting my next posts to know all about my princess.