Friday, June 10, 2011

7 pages on google search : RajiniVinay

Hi Friends,

Wanna share something with you

When you search something on google search engine, it shows ample of results on the page.
If the word is too popular then we can find ample of pages with the searched word

So, I just tried searching for RajiniVinay in google search engine, I could find 7 complete pages resulting on the screen

It feels really good to see that.
Raj is becoming popular..... he he he

For sure, I am gonna reach count 10   very soon
Someday with your support and love will reach count 100

With all your support

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do others look in you

Hi friends.

I often wonder why the hell others look only at the drawbacks of a person

For example,
  • You could have dressed up better
  • You could have managed your family better
  • You could have performed better
  • You should have thought about savings
  • You are looking old
  • Look at your tummy its growing

So, what do they really want…?????
  • Do they want to get hold of the communication, and to convey that they are better off?
  • Do they want to pull me down, why the hell they cannot see the good things i have and spread the positive energy
  • Why do they want to pull me down.

The bottom-line is “You know better rather best about you” so never get you down, just because other person want to pull you down, keep yourselves away of the negative energies around you, it will eat your brain and stop you moving forward and be successful.

Be positive and spread positive energies around.

Read this somewhere 
So thought i can share it with you

Rajini Vinay

Another Synonym for together

Don’t you think we can add Vinraj as one of the the synonyms for the word together.

What say ???