Thursday, March 24, 2011

Story begun with a flower bouquet

In the second  post of Vinraj-in-love blog, I would like to narrate how Vinraj story has begun.
How did Raj fell in love with Vinay.

After Shooting (pelli choopulu)on 9th June 2008,  my parents and his parents decided to get bonded and they were  done with all the  formal discussions.

Engagement day was approaching in a week, But i didn't hear anything from him (I was expecting him to make the first move..... :P )

On August 11th, I was almost frustrated and wanted to wait till evening for him to give me a call. If he doesn't ring up then i would be start the conversation(generally girls doesn't like to make first move, but I had no other option )

So the day started and I was counting every minute to get a call from him. It was already lunch time, lost hope and decided to call him on the way back to home at 6pm.

Stopped expecting any call from him and was busy carrying with my work post-lunch.

Suddenly phone rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he he he my office phone ), thought it was My boss, but it was the receptionist saying that I have got some parcel. I had no clue what it was :)

When i went down to see at reception, I have found a big flower bouquet on the table.

Was astonished to see somebody sending roses to me........
Was not able to guess who it could be ?????

Amidst the roses I founded a slip saying "With Love --- Vinay"

Looking at that, the  extent of surprise and happiness I was in, cannot be measured........
I didn't know how to thank him.

Thought I will also send a bouquet, but i dont have his address.
So my Jaan-jigs(my best friend, Sindoo) suggested me to reply him on phone and express my gratitude.

I messaged him, Thanks a lot Vinay gaaru, I am shocked and extremely happy to receive the flowers. Thank u very much. Thought I would convey the same through a bouuquet ], but I dont have ur address.

Vinnu replied " Ur message itself is a give an essence of beautiful roses to me. U need not send me any flowers".

So there started our telephone conversations...
Through out the working hours we used to message and then after 6 in the evening we used to have a long talk hours together on phone.

Then we slowly started liking each other.....

Got to know that he is very possessive and very caring person.
Gets hurt easily, lil sensitive too

Never used to speak a word, always used to say "inka cheppu"(tell me more)

And as u all know (chatterbox.......:P ) , all the time i used to talk, talk and talk

So here comes the day before the Engagement Aug20th .....
We have planned to meet before the engagement day.

So that was the first time I am going to meet him(Met him on shooting day too, but not worth to count ).
 I never used to get ready  a girl... 
No nail-polish
No bangles
No anklets
Till then I have never been to beauty parlor.....( I know its hard to believe, but that's the reality)
I always used to wear Kurtis and jeans.

So i was not sure whether he will like me in my regular attire, so groomed myself  (To my knowledge that was the first time in my life I was looking very much like a girl and was cute....).
It almost took me 1 hour 15 minutes to get ready

Went to office in  very happy mood.
All the day I was waiting for the clock to tick 6.

And it was 30 minutes past 5, I could not resist myself and packed up and logged off the PC.
The very next minute minute I stepped out  my boss called me up on my phone and gave some work to complete... :(

By the time I completed my work, I was tired and could not make any time to  meet him.

So here comes the engagement day, It was 9:15 m then , engagement function was planned  to start at 7pm, but Vinnu and family have not yet reached the function hall.

All my friends, who lives far away left before Vinnu arrived.

At last Vinnu and his gang arrived at 9:25pm

It was a long wait, but don't know why I didn't regret to wait for him.
He was looking too good, very much like my favorite hero (Mahesh babu)
Vinnu is 6 feet tall, fair and handsome.

The event went on well

At the end of the show, we both were expecting to have dinner together, but could not make it due to some stupid reasons....

The only way we could talk was through eyes.

I still remember Vinnu's face peeping out from the car, when they were returning back to home
Missed him like anything ........

Both of us decided to meet the next day at any cost.

So the next episode is all about Vinnu proposing me with a bunch of roses and so on.......
Keep reading......


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saved a child at the cost of small injury to my knee

I am in the process of loosing my weight these days.
I was pretty happy to wear my old favorite dress back which I was not able to wear due to weight put-on

Started the day with full of enthusiasm.

Was driving my pleasure (my two wheeler) to office with a peaceful and a happy mind.

On the way to my office, there is a school  and the road is steep down.

As usual I passed the school at a very low speed.
And then I geared up my vehicle and drove at regular speed.

After certain distance, a small child suddenly rushed to the middle of the road to pick her paper-rocket.

I somehow managed it too well (I know Self-praise is no praise... but sometimes we need to :P) and stopped my vehicle all of a sudden.

And in fraction of seconds my vehicle was on my leg.
The girl was safe but my white paijama turned to black

My footwear, my favorite sandals were out of order.

Few guys rushed in and helped me out in lifting my vehicle.

And then immediately started back to office with bare legs to avoid scoldings from my boss.

I was feeling really very proud about it.

I was poised and was elevated for what I did.

After reaching office, my thoughts about the incident were :

First  : I  saved a life .... (if some lorry or Some other vehicle was there instead of my scooty .. what would happen to that small cute girl??? )

Second ... I am very  lucky .. that I didn't get injured !!  I  handled the vehicle well in that slopy area .. it just fell to side .. instead of toppling .. or throwing me upside down!!!

Third .. I have got a new pair of footwear !!! I will remember this and keep on telling every one this story


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shooting alias Pelli choopulu


So Jansi Rani(my MIL's nick name.... shhhh not be revealed...She doesnt know bout it) is coming with son to see me, for so called pelli choopulu.

Got ready for her as she insisted........................... Ya her here is Mrs Jansi.
She told me how to get  ready so that her son can like/love  me at first sight coz she liked me a lot.

So I started grooming and soon came my gate sound. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaanggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somebody banged it really very hard.
When my father went out, he saw Jansi with her troop rushing in..

I peeped out from my bedroom window, to see how Vinnu looks like

Got to see him in formals and felt that he was fultoo dignified (hmmm not my kind... ;))


My mother called me out and by the time I came out my MIL brought a carpet from inside and asked me to sit on the carpet on floor.

Don't know why I didn't feel anything wrong when she did that.

She was going on asking questions like
What do i do in my free time.
How much do i earn
And at what time i come back from office,
Do i know cooking and stuff...............

I was patiently answering her questions expecting Vinnu to speak a word.
But no use.

In between the show, Vinnu said " seems like u are not comfortable sitting down, please take a chair".

This was the only thing he spoke to me..

It was a weird and a beautiful experience too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Angel's arrival

Here is the first day pic of my princess.

After a long wait, doctor suggested me to go for a C-section on 2nd Nov, due to some complications.

So here comes 1st November night....

My complete family(mom,dad, chinki, vasu) everybody were there with me for the dinner. 

After dinner, my husband (Vinnu) took me out for a drive. We both went to my favourite sweet shop (Daadu's Vaatika), had Jalebi and rasmalai. And then moved onto necklace road for a long walk and on the way back to home had ice-cream. It was a big feast indeed !!

Both  me and Vinnu were not getting sleep. We spent whole night talking about the next day.

I Slept at 4 and then woke up at 6:30am.
As it was festive day (Karthika Pournami- Full moon day), My MIL and mom woke up at 3am  and performed pujas.

Prayed for the little one and then started to the Hospital(I don't call it hospital anymore.. I named it Boon blesser).

I got down the steps and stood at my house entrance, where people gathered to wish me all the very best and few tried scaring me too.

Once I have got into the the car, I had mixed feelings, lot of pre-notions... But by the time i reached the hospital, i was calm and composed.....

The Clock was ticking at 20minutes past 9 and Vinnu was  getting tensed as if he was going to get operated......
Felt Like pampering him  at that moment ...............But didn't...

So here comes the nurse(my baby giver), she dressed me up in operating clothes.  Vinnu dropped tears looking at me in those hospital clothes. Immediately rushed out and came back in a minute and said  "Pandu be brave, don't worry !!! Everything will be fine."

With hell lot of confidence, I told him "I am alright u please don't get tensed.I will be back in an hour with our baby"

Once they moved me onto  stretcher... I have got tensed.
They poked three injections on different parts of my body.

Did hell lot of medications before i actually entered  into the dragon (operation theatre).

Then came my doctor, Dr. Saraswathi. She asked., " So Rajini how is it going???"  Spontaneously i replied that "Great going doctor" it was not sarcastic though......

Then they moved me into the operating room.

Now  a strong woman, who is actually supposed to be in wrestling but by mistake became a nurse, folded me half in fraction of second and gave an injection into my spinal cord.

Very soon everybody, three doctors and 4 nurses attacked me.

One lady put some device on my finger tip monitoring something(might be my Blood Pressure or heart rate). Other woman gave all the equipment, different kinds of knives to Dr Saraswathi and Dr Saritha.

Both the doctors started discussing about their sons and their daughter in laws. Felt as if they are playing with me.

Suddenly my pulse rate was high and  i was feeling lot of contractions in my body.

Had really very tough time for few minutes and then i could hear the baby cry.

Before i got to see her, doctor said.. "Rajini you gave birth to a healthy and cute girl. Would u like to see ?? "

Could not say yes i went dumb, just nodded my head.

Doctor was holding the baby upside down, felt really cool to see the lil one..

After that I dint know what happen, I was asleep for long hours after the surgery. By the time i woke up it was 5:30pm and my mom was holding my baby.

I started to look out for Vinnu, But he wasnt inside the room

After a while Vinnu came and asked me how am feeling ????

It was an amazing feeling to see Vinnu holding the little angel in his arms. Such a lovely moment !!!!. Very precious ..............

He was all time at my hip watching the whole birth, and he looked pretty stunned after my angel's arrival.

He got very excited, and once she was born, he cried a bit and couldn't stop smiling. When I asked him, he says he was amazed at how perfect she was.

That was the best and unforgettable moment of my life...