Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feeling Empty without you

I am feeling so empty without you, Didn't realize when you were with me.

Though it was a hard decision for me, Could not do better than this.

My apologies to you my dear child
Not sure if you are able to understand me 

I am not cruel
I am not a bad mom
I am not very busy to take care of you.....
I am just trying to give you the best.....
Its true that nobody can replace parents but all that I am doing is for your better tomorrow.

It feels great to see you living away from us without any regret.
Proud of you dear !!!
All credit goes to my Mom and Dad who are putting all their efforts to replace me and your Dad.

Missing you very badly Nikki

Loads of love and kisses to you my brave child

Missing kids is most painful than missing anything else in the world !!!!!


  1. Some day, she will read this and won't understand this,
    a few years later, she will face the same situation, and will understand and respect you for what you did.

    1. Abhi, I know that my child will understand when she grows up. After all she is my kiddo.
      Btw, I don't want her to face same situation in her life.

  2. awesome one rajini... loved every letter that u have put up...such a cute one ...sure nikki will understand this one day... nikki hyd lo vunda ?

    1. Thank you so much Kranthi :) Yes Nikki Hyderabad lo undi. She is with my parents.